Timber Creek


Timber Creek (Budgerigahs) Orginal watercolour on museum board 59.5cm x 40.3cm

Frances’s Inspiration: ” On a recent bird photography tour to the NT, we rose at the first blush of dawn to wait quietly near the waterholes to photograph birds as they came in to drink. Our patience was rewarded when at last, in a whir of green and gold, large flocks of budgies appeared from seemingly nowhere. It was an incredible and unforgettable sight. Their speed was astonishing. A sight which every Australian needs to see!

Endemic to Australia, wild budgies are naturally green. Budgerigars are the only species in the genus Melopsittacus. Possibly being the third most popular pet in the world, many colour mutations have been bred. They can be trained to mimic human speech and are easy to keep. The sexes are similar; males with a blue cere, females with brown. I’ve depicted a few juveniles (with the dark eyes) among the flock”.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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