The Triplets


The Triplets 120cm x 80cm.Oil on Belgium Linen.

Original artwork by John McCartin.

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Mt. Barker is just 5 minutes drive from Hahndorf. At Mt. Barker there is some wetlands next door to Mt. Barker’s golf course. Here I found a very protective mother cow and her triplets…Amazing and the cow’s name is “Big Eyes”. John saw this magnificent cow grazing in the paddock with two calves and it was his intention to call the painting “A Calf and a half of full cream milk”…but the farmer thought John was a real estate agent, so when John explained that he was an artist the farmer explained that she had triplets and proceeded to round them up together. The triplets are in the same sequence as they were born. The one next to mum was first, the totally brown one was next, and the outside “Badly” was last. The dad is a Murray Grey and the whole deal happened naturally.
Friesian cows or Holstein as they are sometimes called make up the majority of milking herds around Australia and New Zealand. This is because of their very high milk production and placid nature. After milking they wander off from the bales and head down to the paddock. Here John has captured this family quietly grazing in the paddock. When John is painting a cow he will take hundreds of photo’s as he walks around the beast. He then uses these and sketches to paint the bone structure and then add the skin and colour. As a result John McCartin is probably the best living artist to paint cows in Australia today. His figures are so real you can see the cow licks on their fur.
John McCartin was born in Sydney on March 9th, 1954. He showed remarkable drawing ability at a young age and felt strangely attracted to the Australian landscape. Painting as a hobby since 1974, John has taken on landscape painting on a professional basis since 1991. John has been influenced greatly by artists such as Hans Heysen, Elioth Gruner and Arthur Streeton whose unpretentious works have inspired him over many years.John’s subject matter is wide and diverse and he possesses extraordinary drafting skills. He demonstrates great versatility with a wide range of mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conte, pastel, oils and watercolour to produce landscapes, seascapes, floral/still life, human figure/portraits as well as works featuring birds and animals. Visually striking and convincing representations of the real thing, Johns’ works have great beauty and intense realism, designed to stir the heart and lift the soul. John uses colour and tone to create a powerful illusion of space, light and atmosphere. Light, particularly, is a notable feature of his work, prompting comments by viewers, artists and reputable judges. These qualities combined with John’s keen powers of observation, superb drawing skill and passionate response to an inexhaustible array of subjects, sets him apart from most other artists. His works can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide.
In 2011 John won International Artist Magazines prestigious first prize, making him ‘Best Artist in the World’. It was a complete surprise to a humble John, yet a reward for the incredible artworks he produces. In 2014, John became a member of the Art Guild Master Painters of the World. Another highlight of John’s career was in 2016 when John was named Grand Master Artist World. Only a few elite artists in the world have this title. John who lives in South Australia travels widely to capture his subjects, always making sketches and studies as he travels. He has been described by many of Australia’s leading artists as one of the most talented artists in Australia and now the world agrees! This is because John uses such soft light through his scenes. John’s international success still continues to this day.
John has won 115 international art awards and his paintings are excellent investments. This original has gone into Giclee reproduction

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