Ruby Meadowhawk Dragonfly


Ruby Meadowhawk Dragonfly (Sympetrum rubicundulum)

This dragonfly has a yellow-brown face, brown to dark red abdomen with black lateral stripes, black legs and dark wing veins. The juvenile males’ abdomens become red about in two weeks. The length of the body averages about 3.3cm. Females are readily distinguished from other meadowhawks by their distinctive genitalia, but males are very difficult to separate from cherry-faced meadowhawks, which has led to numerous misidentifications between these species. They are found in the United States and Southern Ontario, Canada. They prefer temporary ponds and marshes or occasionally lakes, swamps, bogs, and stream backwaters.

Adult males are identifiable by a distinctive orange to brown face and red bodies. Females faces have same colours as males; bodies are brown to dark-red.

Original metalpoint drawing by ARC Living Master Gordon Hanley

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