Rose Perfume – SOLD


Rose Perfume Original Metalpoint 24K Gold, platinum, white gold leaf and watercolour 30cm x 22cm – SOLD

Gordon’s Inspiration: “This drawing, more accurately described as a colourised goldpoint is the result of several years of experimentation and refining of metalpoint drawing that has pushed the boundaries of this artform far beyond its Renaissance origins. Around ten years ago I began to consider the possibilities of creating colour versions of my monochrome drawings in gold and silver.  As a photorealist artist, the challenge of creating images that would resemble colour photographs seemed to be too great. No artist has overcome this challenge. The drawing grounds (undercoat) that I was using at the time were very good for drawing in gold and silver but  were very difficult to use watercolour paint on.

I had been drawing a series of colour dragonflies with some success, but the paint was only applied to very small discrete areas that lacked any gradations in tone: a vital component required in any photorealist image. Commercial silverpoint grounds were even worse, proving to be completely inadequate for handling watercolour. There was always the option of using oils or acrylics, but the problem then became what defined a drawing, and what then distinguished a drawing from a painting?

The solution was to design a new drawing ground formula along with a painting technique that accepted the full subtleties and characteristics of watercolour, yet still retained the essential properties of my unique metalpoint surfaces. It took several years to develop the required surfaces, and this drawing is the first photorealist miniature to incorporate these features, and more besides. The latest grounds will take every known art medium, all soft metals, and can even be gilded with goldleaf. The warmth and depth of colour was as I hoped for (but didn’t think was possible) and the preservation of detail was as good as any of my monochrome works. (See the companion drawing “Reminiscing” done on the same ground) which incorporates the same four very different textures and surfaces – the delicate rose petals, the soft woven lace, the hard-edged transparent crystal, and the string of pearls. And yes, the pearls still consume more drawing time than any other element”.

Original metalpoint drawing by ARC Living Master Gordon Hanley.

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