Rainforest Glow (Kookaburra) SOLD!


Rainforest Glow (Kookaburra) Original Acrylic on Clay board 50cm x 40cm


Natalie’s Inspiration:: “Kookaburra’s are one of my favourite aussie birds,  it’s been a couple of years or more since I have painted these characters.  They are forever sitting in the trees just outside my studio. (I photographed these pair of Kookaburra’s one day just recently while having a break from painting).  Using a bit of ‘artistic licence ‘ I decided to alter the landscape they were perched in. Instead of a dry rural countryside, I decided to paint a greener setting inspired by seeing kookaburra’s in Barrington Tops National Park when I  visited a few years back. Creating a scene from multiple sites is always fun and challenging at times. But I love that I can let my imagination play in my work”.

Original artwork by Natalie Jane Parker.

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