Purple Boulder Coral and Sea Life (Lady Elliot Island)


Purple Boulder Coral and Sea Life (Lady Elliot Island) Original Oil on Canvas board 71cm x 46cm

Robyn’s Inspiration: This painting was done from Lady Elliot Island where I recently experienced my second visit. While patchy, the weather was still quite favourable for snorkeling – although windy in the mornings. The very first time I visited I saw the amazing purple boulder coral and was really taken with it. The colour is beautiful and rich particularly with sunshine mottling its surface – so very appealing for an artist who likes to paint the underworld! I can find very little about it but seems to be plentiful in one particular area of the Lagoon on Lady Elliot. I was told the colour is actually acting as a sunscreen for the coral which seems to live in quite shallow water at low tide. It would not surprise me to find it is endangered but I will continue my search for more information”.

Original artwork by Robyn Collier.

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