Pink Fairies – SOLD


Pink Fairies Original Oil on Stretched Belgian Linen 30cm x 20cm by John McCartin – SOLD

John’s Inspiration: I have Rhododendrons growing in a pot outside my studio where I can control the soil and special requirements such as the particular species needs.

South Australia has a very clear strong light when the moisture in the atmosphere is low, so… come springtime, after our winter rainy season, the strong light dancing on the petals is eye catching and a great painting subject. Even the soft light of an overcast day cannot take away the beauty of these flowers.

The discoverer and namesake of the Rhododendron was incidentally the Dutchman Jan Frederik Gronovius, who described the flower in 1737 in memory of the physician and botanist Traugott Gerber. But even before 1737, the Rhododendron was known in some parts of the world, but until then still under the name “African Aster”.

John McCartin was born in Sydney on March 9th 1954, and showed remarkable drawing ability at a young age and felt strangely attracted to the Australian landscape.  Painting as a hobby since 1974, John has now taken on landscape painting more seriously and on a professional basis since 1991.   He has been influenced greatly by artists such as Hans Heysen, Elioth Gruner and Arthur Streeton whose unpretentious works have inspired him over many years. In 2011 John won International Artist Magazines prestigious first prize, making him ‘Best artist in the world’.  It was a complete surprise to a humble John, yet a reward for the incredible artworks he produces.  As part of his prize, John was given the opportunity to travel and paint through the English countryside and through areas of Europe.  His six-week study tour created some amazing paintings.  John who lives in South Australia travels widely to capture his subjects, always making sketches and studies as he travels. John has been described by many of Australia’s leading artists as one of the most talented artists in Australia and now the world agrees! John has won 115 international art awards and his paintings are excellent investments.

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