New Day – Ellerey Creek Bighole


New Day – Ellerey Creek Bighole Original Oil on Stretched Canvas 61cm x 46cm

Robyn’s Inspiration: Ellery Creek Big Hole is It is located 80km west of Alice Springs and is a spectacular waterhole in the mighty Ellery Creek which cuts through a gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Thousands of years of massive floods have carved out this waterhole and unlocked some amazing geology. Again, this is a painter’s paradise due to the vibrant colours and water reflections – white gums and sandy beach. Early in the morning the sun tips the cliffs on the left- gradually turning them to a bright red-orange glow. There are countless paintings to be created from many different angles. This particular painting was inspired by the colours – but I also wanted to include some of the large stand of white gums on the right hand side of the waterhole”.

Original artwork by Robyn Collier.

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