Gloucester Sunset


Gloucester Sunset 22cm x 35cm Original Oil on Board by John Bradley

The World Heritage Listed Barrington Tops is famous for its fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls that run through steep gorges and are surrounded by magnificent rainforests. There are plenty of bushwalks available with most roads sealed and easily accessible by most vehicles. The climate is generally cooler than the coast throughout the year, but every season brings a lovely change to the region. Winter brings heavenly sights, with snowcapped mountains and crystal-clear mountain streams, and summer is more comfortable for bushwalking in high altitudes. It is still advisable to come prepared with lots of warm clothing in case of sudden temperature changes. There are ample camping grounds at Barrington Tops, Camp Cobark being the most central, or a bit further out at Gloucester is the Devils Hole Camping ground (located 1400m over sea level) which also offers great fishing spots and amazing views. Nights bring much wildlife, and it is the perfect time to see the Milky Way at its best.
The Barrington Tops Forest Road is famous for its many different types of rainforest, including the ancient Antarctic Beech Forest, and is worth the drive. It will take you to fantastic lookouts such as the Devils Hole, Moonan Lookout, and the Polblue plateau which is a great place to have a picnic stop and enjoy the views. The Chichester State Forest has amazing wildlife and a rainforest trail including the largest oak tree recorded in NSW. Cobark Forest Park is also a great place to relax and offers a fantastic walking track for the family.
Born in Sydney in 1945, John has been interested in drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. He is one of Australia’s most desirable artist. John is largely self-taught and has not been influenced by any past Australian Painter. Over three thousand of his originals have now been reproduced as prints, placemats, coasters, calendars, books and dozens of other products in Australia, USA, UK and many other countries. The secrete to this success is this reproduction of his work, which has lifted his profile. He is recognised as one of Australia’s most versatile artists with subject matter including landscapes and seascapes, early 20th-century street scenes, night scenes, misty morning scenes, sunsets and sunrises, locomotives, aircraft and ships, lighthouses, and Blue Mountains scenes, mainly working in oils. All reminders of times when the pace of life was a little slower and more meaningful.