Cottage Camelias


Cottage Camellias 62cm x 25cm Original Oil on Belgian Linen by John McCartin

“We planted a camellia in our backyard garden and I was fascinated by its irregular shaped blooms and subtle colour variations. I was fortunate enough to paint these blooms before we moved house and no longer have the bush. The camellia is the queen of winter, unrivalled for glamour, yet she is down to earth, easy to grow and long-lived especially when you treat her just right.”
Camellia blooms come in many shades of pink, red and white. You also get to choose from six types of blooms: single, semi-double, anemone, peony, rose form double and formal double. Each form features a certain petal arrangement and number of petals. Bloom time varies in camellia shrubs depending on the species. Some bloom in the spring, fall, or even winter in mild climates. Species with small flowers tend to be the fragrant ones because breeding efforts for large formal types have focused on size rather than scent.

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