An English Country Garden


An English Country Garden 57cm x 22cm Oil on Belgian Linen by John McCartin

John and his wife were sponsored to go to the Cotswolds England in 2012.
…From the diary.
Tuesday 8th May 2012.
“We wake in the morning with the sun shining ..finally! What did we expect!
Our plan is to drive to Burford, a 16 kilometre trip from Bibury where we are staying.
As we were driving we come behind a truck “Aardvark Installations”. If you ever want one, now you know where to get them – including installation!
Great coffee shops in England. We normally have a continental breakfast, and then afternoon tea as the meals are huge, and economical timewise as well.
Cakes are delicious, and they provide a huge teapot, so perfect for thirsty travellers. John decides for Swiss ice-cream!
Burford is a magical place to be.
From Burford we travel to a village called Church Enstone in Chipping Norton. Thatched houses everywhere.
On the corner of Bicester Road there is a sign saying “The Crown” Enstone Church, and just behind this sign is the lovely thatched cottage with a beautiful English Country Garden.
Such a lovely place to be. Soothing to the soul.
We travelled to five other villages before heading home at 5.46pm!

The sun rises at 3am, and sets at 10.30pm, so a rather long day for photographers, and wearily we head back to our B&B in Bibury ready to hit the sack, however a special treasure looking out the kitchen window was a cute squirrel scampering up the tree.
What a lovely day to head off into dreamland”.

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