Afternoon Light – Tocal Farm


Afternoon Light – Tocal Farm 75cm x 36cm Original Oil on Canvas on Board by John Bradley

This wide view of Tocal farm and its buildings was taken from a hill at the back of the farm with help from the then farm manager, Basil Gisbers who took us there in his four-wheel drive vehicle. There are a variety of landscapes at Tocal, a lagoon, native and improved pasture, and European style landscaping. The lagoon and wetlands are very changeable, for Tocal is subject to regular flooding. Whilst floods can inconvenience farm operations, the sediment left behind as the floodwaters recede has been vital to the fertility of these flats. The Homestead building is a Colonial Georgian country house, with a five-bay façade. Built of sand stock bricks with a slate roof, the house is four rooms square with French doors onto a three sided veranda. The sandstone was quarried at Tocal, the timber – cedar and hardwood came from the area and even the bricks were fired on site. It sits atop a small hill overlooking a lagoon and today has several large fig trees around it.

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