Stephen A. Jesic

Art Renewal Centre Living Master

Signature Member Society of Animal Artists New York

Signature Member of Artists for Conservation

Wildlife Artist

Acrylic on Baltic Birch

Medal of Excellence in the Artists for Conservation 2023 Awards

Honourable Mention in the Art Renewal Centre 16th International Salon Competition 2023

 Stephen Jesic has been an artist from his youth, and it has been now more than thirty-five years since he was able to devote his life to full-time painting. During that time, he has exhibited extensively in Australia, and become celebrated not only for his extraordinary depictions of wildlife but for his phenomenal technique in bringing animals to life.

Stephen has lectured and written about his innovations in using the medium of acrylics to render the finest detail, while at the same time suggesting an atmospheric setting for his subjects. Like the great naturalist-artists of the past, Stephen studies his models intensely. He is a perfectionist to the extreme, which is why it may take Stephen up to twelve months to finish just one painting.

His paintings are as many individual portraits, as they are scientific representations of the species seen in their native habitats. Based on both first-hand study of individuals and research into the habits, ranges, and behaviour of the species, Stephen’s paintings portray not only how his subjects appear, but how they live. Stephen has an extensive collection of catalogued reference material he has collected over the years which he draws from to design his originals.

Before 2014, Stephen’s work was little known outside of Australia, a result of collector demand and Stephen’s limited output. This all changed in 2014, when he won his first international accolade. He was awarded the Grand Prize Winner in the International Artist Magazine Art Prize Challenge No. 83 Wildlife Category for his painting of a koala Tender Tips

Stephen’s extraordinary depictions of Australian and exotic birds and wildlife including parrots and macaws has resulted in multiple international awards and numerous featured articles in international art publications including International Artist Magazine and American Art Collector.

His paintings have been selected numerous times for the Artists for Conservation virtual exhibition and The Artists for Conservation companion catalogue International Exhibit of Nature in Art. The Art Renewal Centre International Salon catalogues has also featured Stephen’s originals numerous times.

In December 2019 to February 2020, Stephen’s international award-winning painting of a scarlet macaw in a rainforest, Morning Reflections was hung in the prestigious Museum European of Modern Art (M.E.A.M) in Barcelona, Spain as part of the Art Renewal Centre 14th Salon travelling exhibition.

In 2019, the Art Renewal Centre awarded Stephen an Associate Living Master (A.R.C.A.L.M).

In April 2023, the Art Renewal Centre awarded him the prestigious title of Living Master (A.R.C.L.M).

Stephen’s giclee reproduction prints, Australian art gifts and art magazines are available at Morpeth Gallery.

His originals are available exclusively in Australia at Morpeth Gallery.