World Beneath the Waves - SOLD


World Beneath the Waves (Kalbarri Western Australia) Original Oil on Canvas board 71cm x 46cm – SOLD

Robyn’s Inspiration: “Painted from several photographs taken from Blue Holes at Kalbarri – a particularly beautiful snorkelling reef full of wildlife and an underwater landscape that takes on many forms as you snorkel around. This painting attracted me to paint because of the light, and the colour and the distance not always achievable on a reef system. Many different kinds of fish flitter around together and there are always surprises to be had – an occasional octopus, sea stars, colourful and amazing fish, a brave attack by some tiny fish when approaching its home! I am so fascinated by this underwater world which mirrors our own in so many ways – yet could be another planet it is so strange and beautiful”.

Original artwork by Robyn Collier.

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