Winter (Eastern Rosella) - SOLD


Winter (Eastern Rosella) Original Watermedia on museum board 37cm x 23.4cm – SOLD

Inspiration: “Dark blue-grey against bright red is one of my favorite colour combinations so I couldn’t wait to start work on this lovely bird. When painting red, you need to determine if it’s a blue or orange-based red. Eastern Rosellas are definitely orange-based! In Canberra the winters are long and cold, and there are no shortage of bare-branched trees. Without the distraction of leaves, his plumage is the star of the show!  Common in southeastern Australia and Tasmania, the gorgeous Eastern Rosella is a common but welcome sight.  They feed mainly on the ground where, surprisingly, their bright-patterned plumage creates effective camouflage against predators.

Hybrids of eastern rosellas and pale-headed rosellas have been recorded where their ranges meet. Three subspecies are recognised. Subspecies “eximius” is depicted here”.

This painting took 38.25 hours to complete.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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