Tiny Gems (Double-barred Finches) - SOLD


Tiny Gems (Double-barred Finches) Original Watermedia on museum board 31.3cm x 23.4cm – SOLD

Inspiration: “Although not colourful in the traditional sense, Double-barred Finches are, in my mind, one of the loveliest. Their plumage of tiny white dots and fine vermiculation was incredibly challenging to depict, but avoiding challenges stagnates artistic progress! The bright white face bordered by the black band always reminds me of Emperor Penguin chicks. Such a beautiful bird deserves to be shown in varying angles. Painting three gives me the opportunity to do just that.  Also called Owl Finches, Double-barred Finches are estrildid grassfinches found in dry savannah, tropical lowland and shrubland habitats of northern and eastern Australia. They are highly gregarious. Nests are built in grass, low bushes or trees, with 4 to 6 eggs per clutch.  They are generally rather common, but that shouldn’t mean they should be considered any less “important” among the wider sphere of conservation. There are two races of this species. The northern subspecies “annulosa” has an all-black rump. The eastern white-rumped subspecies “bichenovii” is shown here”.

This painting took 50.5 hours to complete.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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