Tides Out – Study


Tide’s Out (study)60cm x 40cm Oil on Belgian Linen by John McCartin

John and his wife Julie were sponsored to travel to England in 2016.
From the diary:
Thursday 5th May 2016.

John saw the day in at 6am to be plein air painting before breakfast. He painted down near the Beck (stream or brook), so by the time I rose at 8am with breakfast booked at 9am John had 3/4 finished a painting. Best one so far. I see his use of colour much better. By 11 am we are on the road to Whitby. Park & Ride is the advice given, but as photographers that seems so unsuitable (though I have to admit we have been caught in Bath … that certainly was a place one needed to park and ride) so we decided to get a feel of the place first. We took a few shots from the Staithes side of Whitby then drove to the industrial side. Looking across the bay was quite nice, so we took a few shots from there, then we were happy to keep following the coast towards Scarborough. Not far out of Whitby we saw the “Abby” … quite a beautiful building. So, John drove around for a bit while I took photos. He’s never been inclined to take photos of nice beautiful buildings until he sees my photos …. then he paints from them! I think they should pay me to come & take the photos & John just paint!! So, as we meandered along, we saw the sign to Robin Hoods Bay. Being only two and a half miles from it, we thought perfect! And perfect it turned out to be!! The quaintest village. One of the reasons we chose Whitby was to avoid the steep hills for a day… a..hmm! Robin Hood Bay is just as steep (not quite) as Staithes. There seemed to be two main streets, so we ended up walking up & down the steep hills twice. Got some nice shots … though better on John’s camera. But a magical day! “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away” (written on one of the seats) …. how true! Especially (puff puff) as I walked up the absolute steep hill to catch John on the other side … ’twas truly invigorating. Fish & chips for tea at the “Fish Box”. Best fish & chips in the area I think. And way too much. Enough for a meal tomorrow night! Exhausted yet exhilarated we travelled home … approximately half an hour drive with the sun just going down at 8.44pm … still twilight ‘til 10pm.

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