Teeming with Green (Superb Parrots) - SOLD


Teeming with Green (Superb Parrots) Original Watermedia on museum board 48.3cm x 30.3cm – SOLD

Inspiration: “It was by incredible luck that on one of my photography reference-gathering walks, I happened to spot a Superb Parrot! Barely daring to breathe, I slowly inched closer and was able to capture some wonderful photos! To see Superb Parrots in suburban Canberra is rare, as we live on the outskirts of their natural range. I couldn’t wait to paint these two males. To offset the brilliance of their lime green plumage, a background of dark sepia was chosen.  Nearly every shade of green was employed, hence the title! Superb Parrots are native to Australia, and one of only three species in the genus Polytelis. They nest in hollow limbs or holes of trees. The diet consists of mainly eucalypt flowers, fruits, pollens and nectar”.

This painting took 117 hours to complete

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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