Sunlit Panorama of the Grose Valley


Sunlit Panorama of the Grose Valley 78cm x 26cm Original Oil on Board by John Bradley

This is a really big scene – so large in fact that even with the longer format painting I’ve had to leave out a considerable amount of information on either end. With Asgard Head in the far distance, partly in shadow we have a nice contrast with the closer lit rock walls and slopes before plunging back down into shadow again in the foreground. We are looking across the upper reaches of the Grose Valley with morning sunshine striking onto the rain washed bluffs.
We are fortunate indeed to have such awe-inspiring vistas and to know that those who campaigned for its conservation were successful. Unique in the world for its forests, geology and animals – and for the bonding of civilisation and conservation, the Blue Mountains landscape inspires us all.

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