Come On Bess


Come On Bess  61cm x 51cm Oil on Board


Original artwork by d’Arcy W Doyle.

Click image This superb painting depicts two children on horseback in country Queensland during spring in the 1940's, when d'Arcy was growing up as a boy in Ipswich.  He remembered all of these common scenes and later in life he committed them to canvas, thus preserving our heritage.  Most of d'Arcy's pictures tell a story and the people in them have a role to play, like characters in a play.  The challenge for d'Arcy was to combine people, animals, houses and landscape into a living thing.  d'Arcy usually sketched a rough idea onto a small piece of cardboard before he put brush to canvas... the idea is always the hardest thing to come up with in the process of painting a picture.  Nothing ever touched the canvas except for his brush, fingers and thumbs, which always seem to be getting used.

d'Arcy Doyle is one of Australia's most popular artists.  It is estimated that 1 in 4 households in Australia has a Doyle print or reproduction from one of his originals.  It is the reproduction of his work that has caused his originals to sell at higher and higher prices.  This upwards spiral will continue to grow as Doyle originals become more and more sought after. 
His paintings of Australia's "golden age" evoke nostalgic memories to all of us.  d'Arcy's art accurately depicts a child like innocence of domestic life of the late 1930's and a more leisurely, less complex era of earlier times, which is now part of our national history.  d'Arcy Doyle was born in 1932.  He was the youngest of nine children.  He grew up in Ipswich, a South-western Queensland city.  At the age of just 13 d'Arcy left school and became an apprentice sign writer.  He later joined the navy, where we developed a passion for painting, teaching himself the fundamentals.  After 6 years service he moved to Sydney to become a professional artist, where he began by painting murals.  You are lucky to be able to see an original Doyle.  In 1993 and 1994 only 14 originals were painted each year and none were produced in 1990/91.  In 2001 d'Arcy died leaving a wonderful legacy of art.

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