Standing Guard


Standing Guard (Banded Lapwing) Original Watercolour and Gouache 48cm x 37.5cm

 Peter’s Inspiration: “I chose transparent watercolour and opaque gouache to make use of the contrasting qualities of the two types of paint. Watercolour was suited to showing softer tones of distant habitat and gouache to bringing out the bright contrasting colours and hard edges of the bird and foreground flowers”.

Most Australian will know the Masked Lapwing, that noisy, aggressive bird of urban parks and grassland that stubbornly chooses to breed in public areas and loudly defends its nest and young against passing cars, people and pets. The Banded Lapwing is its shyer relative, more a bird of the bush and arid inland, often found well away from water. We found this one loudly defending its nest in an area of the West Australian wheatbelt, surrounded by blooming wildflowers in Spring. It was absolutely fearless, trying to lead us away from its nest and eggs. I was struck by its determination, and the way its bold colours stood out against the red soil and yellow blossom of the Everlastings

Original painting by Peter Marsack

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