Spring Morning on the Avon River, Salisbury England


Spring Morning on the Avon River, Salisbury England Original Oil 51cm x 76cm on Primed Belgian Linen
Ramon’s Inspiration for this painting: “The River Avon runs through the lovely old market town of Salisbury in the south of England.  It flows through the gentle Wiltshire countryside past the Salisbury Cathedral and directly through the town under the old stone bridge where it was then harnessed to power several water wheels that were used to run the mills of the now abandoned wool and cloth industry.The branches of the old oak tree seem to shelter this little pond created in the bend of the river where two girls have stopped to feed the family of resident ducks.  The gentle spring sunshine is seen filtering through the tree’s still bare branches, highlighting the riverbank and reflecting the colours of the Spring foliage into the waters of the River Avon.”
Original artwork by Ramon Ward-Thompson.

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