Spring – SOLD!


Spring 1.5 x 2.55 Original Oil on Stretched Canvas by Werner Filipich SOLD!

Werner says “Another section of Monets garden looking towards the back of the pond, no matter which way you cast your eyes there is a picturesque scene that is a challenge to transfer onto canvas – the garden is a true inspiration of colour and design for any artist.” This “Monet’ inspired painting came about after my visit to his famous garden in France. The pastel hues of the flowers set amongst the subtle but numerous shades of green were somewhat of a challenge, however I was very pleased how I was able to differentiate each shade to make a painting that gives off a peaceful, serene feeling in any room that it is hung in and yet is very pretty to look at. ”This rather adventurous contest for me to paint and capture the green hues of the lagoon and its banks of this peaceful waterway. I was able to work on this painting on site before the shadows of the perfect day changed all the colours completely.” “The lagoon system reflects the way it was, with wide electric-green fields pushing down on to the water. The banks are like green cliffs of camouflage pierced with giant knitting needles and spun and tangled all about with ferns and creepers”.

Like Monet, Werner paints in the outdoors but completes the painting in his studio. “Monet’s Garden, an abundance of images he put on canvas- the serenity and Monet’s feel for nature left an inheritance for all who came after him”, states Werner. Oscar-Claude Monet is beloved for his series of oil paintings depicting water lilies, serene gardens, and Japanese footbridges. The French painter manipulated light and shadow to portray landscapes in a ground-breaking way, upending the traditional art scene in the late 19th century. He also learned about oil painting en plein air painting, which later became a hallmark of his style. Over the years, he hired gardeners to plant everything from poppies to apple trees in his garden, turning it into a beautiful, tranquil place for him to paint. Finally wealthy from sales of his paintings, Monet invested serious money into his garden. He put a Japanese footbridge across his pond, which he famously painted, and he imported water lilies from Egypt and South America. Although the local city council told him to remove the foreign plants so they wouldn’t poison the water, Monet didn’t listen. For the last 25 years of his life, Monet painted the water lilies in a series of paintings that showcased the plants in varying light and textures.

Werner says: “After our recent move to the hinterland area of the gold coast settling into the small but popular township, situated only 15 minutes from the famous gold coast area. Together with the additional work involved in setting up a new home, the time has come for me to get back to my passion of painting. I am now ready to reach out and explore the beautiful coastline and Hinterland of the Tweed Valley areas. Werner was born in Austria in 1943. In 1950 Werner and his parents migrated to Australia. Whilst Werner is by trade a hairdresser his great love of his new country inspired him to paint. He is mainly self-taught and is a dedicated traditionalist artist painting mainly in oils and specialising in rural and coastal scenes.

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