Spring -SOLD!


Spring 17.8cm x 12.5cm Original Oil on Board by Werner Filipich SOLD!

A study of blossom time in its full splendour at Sofala, with an old homestead nestled between the blossom trees and native trees in the background with hills in the distance. After a long, cold winter you can always tell when spring is just around the corner because the fruit and ornamental trees come into blossom. It is a favourite time of year. So, what is a blossom? It’s just another word for a flower, but in this case, it refers to the flowers of the trees in the orchards, almonds, peaches, nectarines, apples and pears. They grow magnificent tight little buds, and as soon as the weather starts to warm up, out they shoot. Look out for the beautiful Prunus persica or peach tree with its cultivar name ‘Versicolor’, meaning many colours. It looks like a Neapolitan ice cream, magnificent with its white and pink stripes – a really Japanese look.

These plants are Prunus blossoms and they’re in the Rosaceae family – the same as roses and if you look it’s possible to see the similarity. Some flowers are single, others are semi double, and some are doubles. Blossom is lovely ornamentation and comes in a great colour range. There are white or pink, and some are striped, there are a few reds, and others are a lovely rosy pink. Blossoms continue well into spring and if you plant judiciously, with different varieties of trees and even different cultivars, it’s possible to extend your blossom display for a couple of months.

Werner was born in Austria in 1943. In 1950 Werner and his parents migrated to Australia. Whilst Werner is by trade a hairdresser his great love of his new country inspired him to paint. However, a growing reputation coupled with the crisp, refreshing style Werner has created, has bought him considerable sales success, particularly with investment conscious art buyers. A number of his works have been published as calendars, prints as well as books.

He is mainly self-taught and is a dedicated traditionalist artist painting mainly in oils and specialising in rural and coastal scenes. This has seen many of his paintings go to overseas homes His unique style has always been popular with art lovers but as a result of the subjects he paints they have an almost magnetic attraction for overseas visitors.

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