Siesta (Red-rumped Parrots) – SOLD


Siesta (Red-rumped Parrots) Original Watermedia on museum board 35.8cm x 37.3cm – SOLD

Inspiration: “Beautifully disguised in emerald green regalia, Red-rumped Parrots are usually seen forgaging in pairs or small flocks on the ground among grasses. Once disturbed, they will fly to the nearest tree before returning to the ground. Common in south-eastern Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. They are found in open grasslands as well as along watercourses and in farmlands with access to water. I spotted these lovely birds on a recent walk around Canberra. I had taken many photos of them on the ground, but I was really wanting a photo of them perched in a gum. My patience was rewarded when at long last, they flew into a gum where they rested for a few minutes before flying off at great speed. Two males are depicted here. To give some relief to all the green, some of the leaves are depicted with that beautiful pinkish-coral colour they develop when about to fall”.

This painting took 87 hours to complete.


Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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