Ripening Treats (King Parrot) – SOLD


Ripening Treats (King Parrot) Original Acrylic on Clayboard 34cm x 46cm – SOLD

Inspiration: King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas often feed off the fruit of the Native Raspberry bush. I have seen them checking the ripeness of the fruit. And they are a great tasting busk tucker with a sweet woody flavor.

What a stunning bird.  It is little wonder that Australian birds have such a high reputation as birds of great beauty.  King Parrots are usually seen in pairs, immatures commonly banding with occasional adults in wandering feeding groups of up to 10 and more out of breeding season.  Adults are less communal and rather wary often difficult to approach.  When disturbed they take flight, calling loudly.  Only the female incubates the eggs while the male feeds her during the day and roosts near the nest at night.  The incubation takes about 20 days and initially only the female feeds them but once half grown both adults feed them till they are about 5 weeks old when they leave the nest.

These birds are essentially seed and fruit eaters and will forage adeptly both on the ground and in the outer foliage of trees.  Early morning sees them flying to drink and feed, clambering among the outer branches of trees and shrubs.  The seeds of the eucalypt are a staple diet.  Like other parrots they have a habit of holding fruit in their left foot while eating it.  Unfortunately, these lovely birds have a habit of raiding orchards and maize crops causing enormous damage.  They are seen in forests of Eastern Australia.  The male has a scarlet head and front of body with green wings.  The female has a green head, wings and back whilst the underparts are red.

Original artwork by James Hough

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