Rainy Day Paterson


Rainy Day Paterson 50cm x 28cm Original Oil on Board by John Vander

Paterson, because of its location near the Paterson River and the mountain has an annual rainfall of 928mm and the most rain received by Paterson in a day was 194mm. It must have been the day I was there, looking for a good painting subject. This small attractive village of only 400 people is set on a hillside above the Paterson River. The main road twists through the village giving it a sense of surprise and charm. It has kept its rustic atmosphere of times long gone when the area was being settled. Paterson is located 185kms north of Sydney and only 24kms north of Maitland. Its name was given by Governor King in honour of Colonel William Paterson, who in 1801 surveyed the area beside the river.

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