Rainforest Capers (Rainbow Lorikeet with Wanderer Butterfly)


Rainforest Capers (Rainbow Lorikeet with Wanderer Butterfly) Original Acrylic on Clay board 40cm x 30cm
Natalie’s Inspiration: “My inspiration for this painting came from a field trip to Barrington Tops National Park.  I love visiting this rainforest and feel lucky that it is only a short drive from home. It recharges my creative mind and I  come home full of ideas for my work.  On occasions I  have seen  lorikeets in this area, I’m sure they follow the flower cycles of the trees for a feast of nectar from the blossoms.  Their cheeky squabbling is very recognisable, I  love watching them interact with each other. For this painting I wanted to share a slightly different conversation between a Rainbow Lorikeet with a Wanderer Butterfly”.
Original artwork by Natalie Jane Parker.

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