Quintet (Long Tailed Finches) - SOLD


Quintet (Long Tailed Finches) Original Watermedia on museum board 48.5cm x 25.5cm – SOLD

Inspiration: “There’s something about the colouring of these lovely finches that reminds me of the colours of the Australian landscape. The smoky blue of distant mountains, the fawn-pink of the earth and the bright red and black of our sudden and terrifying bush fires.The collective noun for finches is a charm. Indeed, I find finches some of the most charming of all birds. Australia is home to 19 endemic species of finches, but they are separate from the Ploceidae, or true finches.Long-tailed Finches inhabit open woodland across northern Australia. There are two races of this species. I have depicted race “hecki” with the orange-red bill. (Race “acuticauda” are yellow-billed)”.This painting took 66 hours to complete.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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