Quiet Light


Quiet Light Original Oil on Stretched Canvas 62cm x 46cm

Pippa’s inspiration for this painting: “The soft light moves quietly over the orchids, lighting up their delicate petals, before resting upon the calming violet of the cloth. The grace and delicate beauty of the butterfly invites reflection upon our ever evolving world and symbolising rebirth, as it flutters and dances around the flowers.

I aim to create a sense of peace and calm in my paintings, in a bold yet minimalistic way, with the soft light illuminating both the delicacy of the flowers and the strong colours in the cloth, complimenting each other in a restful and meditative way”.

Pippa paints directly from life and it has been her aim to produce paintings of high quality which adhere to the strict principles of the past masters, from the early Flemish schools and Italian Renaissance, to the European academic theories which remained in widespread use up to the end of the 19th Century. Using their often complex, techniques and methods and without losing her fundamental artistic vision she is able breathe life into the subjects by turning ordinary everyday objects into something beautiful.

With over 20+ years painting experience and over 100 awards and exhibitions both in Australia and internationally, Pippa has promoted and dedicated herself to the Old Master realistic techniques of art. These awards and exhibitions include The Mall Galleries in London for Best Oil in Show and Finest Brushwork in Show, Christies in London, ARC Finalist, Art Excellence Awards, Best Realist in Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne, People’s Choice Awards and many others. She has also been represented in print with Rosensteil’s London, Museum and Galleries in London, Horse & Hound magazine front cover and exhibited in several galleries internationally.

Each one of Pippa’s unique paintings take many months of patience, technical skill and expertise to produce and each piece will bring immense pleasure for many generations to come.

Original artwork by Pippa Chapman

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