Miner’s Cottages Wattle Flat


Miner’s Cottages Wattle Flat 45.5cm x 30.5cm Original Oil on Board by John Vander

Originally a farming area, Wattle Flat became a thriving gold mining town in the1850’s, when gold was discovered in the area. There has been a public school at Wattle Flat since 1858. From 1876 until 1958, there was also a convent school St. Joseph’s run by the Sisters of St Joseph.
Today, Wattle Flat is a beautiful country village with distinguished old huts and cottages as well as many historic mines and diggings. The famous local race carnival “The Bronze Thong” is held every January at the Wattle Flat Racecourse. It features a full day of country horse racing and other fascinating and fun family activities.

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