Midhill House Burford Oxfordshire Cotswolds U. K. - SOLD


Midhill House Burford Oxfordshire Cotswolds U. K. 50cm x 75cm Original Oil on Belgian Linen by John McCartin SOLD

From John & Julie’s diary Tuesday 8th May 2012. “We wake in the morning with the sun shining…finally! What did we expect! Our plan is to drive to Burford, a 16-kilometre trip from Bibury where we are staying. As we were driving, we come behind a truck “Aardvark Installations”. If you ever want one now you know where to get them – including installation! Great coffee shops in England. We normally have a continental breakfast and then afternoon tea as the meals are huge and economical timewise as well. Cakes are delicious, and they provide a huge teapot, so perfect for thirsty travellers. John decides for Swiss ice-cream! Burford is a magical place to be. John stumbled on a rather French looking building called Midhill House, hoping in the future it would make a nice painting. The sun rises at 3am, and sets at 10.30pm, so a rather long day for photographers and wearily we head back to our B&B in Bibury ready to hit the sack. However, a special treasure looking out the kitchen window was a cute squirrel scampering up the tree. What a lovely day to head off into dreamland”.

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