Impressions Of Colour – SOLD


Impressions of Colour 12.5cm x 25.5cm Oil on Board by Werner Filipich – SOLD

“My intention was to capture the glorious warm colours of the surrounding autumn trees throwing their reflection into the cool still waters of the pond.”

Werner will often work with other artists or sometimes goes on his own on painting excursions to obtain new and interesting material. They produce many painting sketches and Werner backs these up with photographs for reference material. Werner makes a point of escaping from his studio at least once a month to look for new material. These searches take him all over the state but he finds this most rewarding as each trip reinvigorates him and his painting is always fresh. You will also notice that Werner always puts the title of his painting on the front of each of his works on the opposite lower corner to his signature. This is one of the ways to easily identify his work as almost all other artists only title the painting on the back of the frame.

He is mainly self- taught and is a dedicated traditionalist artist painting mainly in oils and specialising in rural and coastal scenes. This has seen many of his paintings go to overseas homes as tourists see Sydney’s wonderful Harbour and beach views and then want a painting to take home. Werner was born in Austria in 1943. In 1950 Werner and his parents migrated to Australia. Whilst Werner is by trade a hairdresser his great love of his new country inspired him to paint. At first painting was just a hobby. However, a growing reputation coupled with the crisp, refreshing style Werner has created, has bought him considerable sales success, particularly with investment conscious art buyers.
In 2022, Werner moved from Sydney to the Northern Rivers of NSW.

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