Golden Brilliance


Golden Brilliance Original Oil on Stretched Canvas 51cm x 41cm

Pippa’s inspiration for this painting: “‘The beauty of the Lotus flower has long been seen as a symbol of rebirth, strength and purity. For despite its poor beginnings in the dark murky depths of the river bed, it rises against the currents and towards the light, emerging strong and pure, it’s journey mirroring our own path through life. Together with the soft purple of the cloth, itself a colour of spirituality, I hope to bring a peaceful and contemplative mood to the painting. Working with that which inspires me, I combine elements within the paintings that compliment and strengthen each other. With bold colour and a minimalist approach, all the elements are harmoniously bound by a strong single source of light that both illuminates and emboldens all that upon which it falls. I try to convey a sense of peace and serenity within my work, evoking a feeling of calm contemplation to all who look upon them, each of the elements containing their own deeper message and together bringing a message of hope, peace and relaxation.”

Original artwork by Pippa Chapman

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