Foraging (Spotted Pardalotes) – SOLD


 Foraging (Spotted Pardalotes) Original Watermedia on museum board 40.2cm x 26.8cm – SOLD

Frances’s Inspiration: “Although moderately common, the stunning Spotted Pardalote is seldom observed closely. On one of my bird photography walks, I came across at what l initially thought were tiny grey thornbills some distance away. It was only when looking through my zoom lens did I realise that I was looking at Pardalotes for the first time! They were moving through the trees at a frantic pace and I was lucky enough to capture them foraging for food. I’ve depicted two males and a female (on left). Their amazing cadmium yellow throats are best enhanced by the complimentary opposite colour. In this case, a muted violet. For such a small bird they pack in many incredible plumage patterns and colours. A real joy to paint”.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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