Flamingo - SOLD


Flamingo 35cm X 24cm Original Oil on Belgian Linen by John McCartin

“I love the way how the sunlight dances on rose petals casting shadows at all angles. Due to their delicate nature, light also shines through each petal producing a charming array of warm and cool colours of varying light intensity. This type of rose is called Makybe Diva, a Hybrid Tea Rose.
Makybe Diva is named in honour of the famous British-bred, Australian trained mare who won the Melbourne Cup, not once, but three times. The unusual name is composed of the first two letters of the names of five of the owners’ employees: Maureen, Kylie, Belinda, Diane, and Vanessa. So, both the horse, her name, and her namesake rose suggest a celebration of female beauty, strength, stamina and success. Makybe Diva produces long-stemmed, elegant blooms in palest pink with a blush of apricot in the centre. A healthy plant, it has a bushy growth to around 1.2 metres tall.”

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