Dawn in the Warrumbungles – SOLD


Dawn in the Warrumbungles 60cm x 34cm Original Oil on Board by John Bradley – SOLD

Between the endless horizons of the Western Plains and the rolling hills of the Eastern Highlands, the Warrumbungle mountains are the place where East meets West… Here the tropical plants of the moist coastal fringe overlap with the dry inland vegetation communities creating a medley of habitats inhabited by a wide variety of Australia’s weird and wonderful animals. The most intriguing features of these mountains are the towering rock formations – the remnants of the great pile of volcanic debris, millions of years old. The spectacular Bread Knife and Grand High Tops walk in the Warrumbungle National Park is by far the best way to experience this ancient landscape.
The bread knife is the most recognisable landmark of the water run by the National Park and one of the most spectacular rock formations in Australia. This is what is known as a Dyke – a structure formed when lava flows into a long narrow fissure in the rock beneath the surface of the volcano. When the lava cools off and solidifies, it effectively forms a cast of the fissure. Over millions of years the softer rock that made up the Warrumbungle volcano has eroded away leaving the more resistant dykes like the bread knife standing exposed. In my earlier days I would often be up before dawn to catch the first rays of the sun striking a particular scene and this was certainly one of the best. I hope you enjoy it.

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