Colours of the Flinders - Brachina Gorge - SOLD


Colours of the Flinders – Brachina Gorge 78cm x 26cm Original Oil on Board by John Bradley – SOLD

Brachina Gorge is one of the best drives in the Flinders ranges. Full of geological history, natural beauty and home to the yellow footed rock wallaby, Brachina Gorge is a great Flinders Ranges daytrip. Brachina Gorge is part of the Ikara – Flinders Ranges National Park and the Trail through the gorge consists of 20 km of unsealed road. Having been there many times and encountered just about every type of weather possible, it doesn’t take much water to make the track impassible for conventional cars, so a four-wheel drive is advisable. The Trail has signs and stops all along the track that point out various geological features and the history of the region. The western end of the drive is probably the most scenic with towering rock walls and giant river red gums in the dry creek beds.
My painting shows a section of the gorge after rain which often cuts or even fills the road areas as it follows the natural watercourse.

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