Colours Of Spring – Gloucester – SOLD


Colours of Spring – Gloucester 30cm x 40cm Original Oil on Canvas Board by John Bradley – SOLD

Gloucester is a quiet country town nestled between two rivers the Gloucester and Avon Rivers both of which flow through a valley at the base of the rugged mountain range called the Gloucester Buckets. Gloucester is a very pretty town because as you look west you see the river in the foreground, the rolling hills which lead back to the rugged and majestic Buckets Mountains.

This site is located just west of the township on the banks of the upper reaches of the Gloucester River. John has captured the stillness of a spring morning with smooth pristine water flowing along the river past steep banks lined with trees all in their spring new growth and toning. In the distance morning light glows over the hills lighting up the farmhouse. Rays of light filter towards the focal point of the river, farmhouse and foliage.
The colours of the shrubs and smaller trees growing along the water’s edge are flanked by larger gums back from the river bank that glisten in the sunlight. The undulating hills which run back to the mountain range in the background. On the horizon is Barrington Tops National Park. The upper reaches of the river are well stocked with fish such as Australian Bass, Rainbow Trout, Red Fin and Yellow Belly. The cold waters flowing from Barrington Tops part of the National Park are pristine with their clear running water and ideal for cold-water species. This delightful painting shows stunning use of light, structure, perspective and balance to produce a wonderful scene with enormous depth and dimension. It is this realism that has made John Bradley one of Australia’s leading investment artists.
John is largely self-taught and has not been influenced by any past Australian Painter. John’s real love is the Australian landscape and he travels extensively in search of new material. Over one thousand of his originals have now been reproduced as prints, placemats, coasters, calendars and now a book. John Bradley’s promoter and manager was the same person who took d’Arcy Doyle from obscurity to fame and fortune and now he is using the same techniques to promote John. The, secrete to this success is the reproduction of his original works which are purchased and seen by thousands of people.

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