Colour Symphony - SOLD!


Colour Symphony 70cm x 45cm Original Oil on Belgian Linen by
John McCartin – SOLD!

Pansies are short-lived perennials that are grown as annuals. They were developed in the late 19th century when the small-flowered heartsease (Viola tricolour) was crossed with other species. It’s hard to imagine that these appealing little flowers with their happy ‘faces’ are the ancestors of modern plants. Today’s pansies have larger flowers, and they come in an amazing range of vibrant colours and bicolour, with petals that are often striped or blotched. The first blotch kinds appeared in 1830, and have marks on the lower petals to guide pollinating insects.

The common name pansy is from the French pensee, meaning ‘thought’. The species name, wittrockiana, commemorates Swedish botanist Professor Veit Brecher Wittrock (1839 – 1914), who wrote a history of the cultivated pansy. A group of hybrid perennials used as annuals. Plants grow slowly to about 20cm (8″) high. The flowers may reach up to 10cm (4″) across. They are available in plain colours including white, yellow, mauve, blue, purple and almost black, as well as varieties with contrasting edging colours, stripes and conspicuous blotches. They are borders mass planting tubs and containers quick infusion of colour in drab gardens temporary fill-in while permanent plants are becoming established planting amongst spring flowering bulbs.

John McCartin was born in Sydney on March 9th, 1954. Commencing full time painting in 2002, John has been catapulted from relative obscurity to international acclaim as one of the world’s finest artists in a short space of time. Based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, which is known as Hans Heysen country, John needs only to step out his back door to be inspired for his next major artwork. The trees, the light & the livestock create a perfect scene. It is paintings of trees & cattle, that John is most famous for. In 2011 John won International Artist Magazines prestigious first prize, making him ‘Best Artist in the World’. It was a complete surprise to a humble John, yet a reward for the incredible artworks he produces. Since 2011, he has received 103 international art awards and is now acknowledged as a master artist by the world’s leading artists and galleries. In 2014 John become an exhibiting member of the Art Guild Master Painters of the World.
Visually striking and convincing representations of the real thing, his works have great beauty and intense realism, designed to stir the heart and lift the soul. John uses colour and tone to create a powerful illusion of space, light and atmosphere. Light, particularly, is a notable feature of his work, prompting comments by viewers, artists and reputable judges. These qualities combined with John’s keen powers of observation, superb drawing skill and passionate response to an inexhaustible array of subjects, sets him apart from most other artists.

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