Catch of the Day


Catch of the Day (Rainbow Bee Eaters) Original watercolour on museum board 36.5cm x 28.3cm

Frances’s Inspiration: ”The reference photos for this painting were also taken on a guided bird photography tour to the NT. I’ve tried to capture the incredible light and colour of the Top End. It’s like no other place I’ve ever been to! Bee-eaters have a particular liking for bees, but do snap up other flying insects, including dragonflies, as depicted here. Considering the speed and agility of dragonflies, catching one is no mean feat! Like all bee-eaters, they are ground-nesting birds. They are believed to mate for life. They dig a narrow tunnel and the birds’ bodies press so tightly against the tunnel walls that the entering and exiting of the tunnel acts like a tiny piston, pumping in fresh air and expelling stale air. Rainbow bee-eaters are the only species of Meropidae found in Australia and are monotypic, meaning there are no subspecies”.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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