Can you See Who It Is Mum


Can you See Who It Is Mum Original Oil on Board 30.5cm x 25cm

This is Max’s take on kids at home in an outback town just like Thargomindah where Max spent many years in his younger days.  Thargomindah is a one town pub, and it is run by ‘Surly Shirl’ not a lady to be messed with.  Many of the elements in this work remind us of days gone by, the Wooden weatherboard house clad with corrugated iron roof, the old-fashioned water tank, which in many areas were the only source of drinking water…and an outback dunny close enough to the house to be used by all including at night, but far enough away so that it didn’t smell in the house.

Here someone has come to the front fence to talk to the dad and the kids want to know who it is that dad is talking to.  Max is an Australian artist schooled out in the bush among the colourful characters he now paints. His vivid paintings are possible because he “knows” every character he paints he has worked, laughed, cried, and sweated with them all. This knowledge and love of his subjects produces pieces that are so “human” that each piece has its own personality.  Every painting has a story, but Max is a painter of “yarns”, Australian vernacular for a story with a moral and a laugh.  The experiences of those years Max spent in the outback; the memories of growing up in a small country town have provided Max with an endless flow of inspiration for his paintings. His works depict life in the outback as it was then, in a light-hearted vein keen insight and gentle humour that so keenly illustrates country Australians.  A scrawny dog, a drovers dog, which is almost Max’s unofficial signature

Original Oil on Board by Max Mannix

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