Barges on the River Thames, Kew England


Barges on the River Thames, Kew England Original Oil 23cm x 31cm on Primed Belgian Linen
Ramon’s Inspiration for this painting:”So much of London’s history can be seen along the River Thames as it winds its way through the countryside to the city, under the Tower Bridge in the heart of London, passing under numerous bridges through several locks and past the famous Kew Gardens and pretty riverside village of Richmond on its way.The Thames sailing barges make up part of this history – at one time over 1000 of them sailed the waters along the River Thames to Oxford and beyond carrying all manner of cargo.  Sadly, most have now disappeared, but thanks to a handful of enthusiastic owners, there are still a few to be seen anchored along the banks of the river.A soft Spring day in Kew, just outside of London and through the trees the morning sun is seen shining on the old painted timbers of the barge, reflecting the warm colours into the quiet waters of the River Thames.”
Original artwork by Ramon Ward-Thompson.

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