Book – Natalie Jane Parker – Australia’s Endangered Animals


Australia’s Endangered Animals 26cm x 26cm, 32pp, full colour, paperback

This beautiful book introduces some of Australia’s endangered animals. It aims to increase awareness of their and other animals’ plight and in turn help create greater respect  and care for their habitats and the environment. There is a natural, delicate balance that is  disrupted when problems such as habitat destruction, disease, and introduced predators push an increasing number of animals towards extinction. Disruption to this balance eventually threatens all forms of life, including human life. The book also includes an informative and accessible glossary.

The paintings are by Australian wildlife artist Natalie Jane Parker. She is renowned for the sensitivity, detail, and beauty of her paintings, each one of which reflects her passion for her subject. It is accompanied by an informative text provided by Luisa Adam.


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