April Showers in Chatelet, Right Bank Paris


April Showers in Chatelet, Right Bank Paris Original Oil 38cm x 31cm on Primed Belgian Linen
Ramon’s Inspiration for this painting: “Place de Chatelet is a small public square that lies at the northern end of Pont au Change on the right bank of the river Seine.  As well as being a central hub for the Paris Metro it is also a small relatively peaceful oasis in this very busy part of Paris.  At its centre is Fontaine du Palmier – an impressive fountain with two sphinxes that was built in 1805 to commemorate Napoleon’s victory in Egypt. A misty Spring day and the bright colours of the flower display and red metro signs combine with the stark ironwork of the kiosk and street lamps to provide a strong contrast against the soft outline of buildings seen through the morning mist across the River Seine on the Ile-de-la-Cite.”
Original artwork by Ramon Ward-Thompson.

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