A Quiet Moment – SOLD


A Quiet Moment (Red Browed Finches) Original Watermedia on museum board 27.8cm x 21.6cm – SOLD

Frances’s Inspiration: ”Often seen foraging for grass seeds on the ground, Red-browed Finches usually occur in flocks of around 10-20 and are often seen foraging with other seed-eating birds such as finches and parrots. They are also seen with fairy-wrens, thornbills and robins. These handsome little birds are easily recognised by the bright red eyebrow, rump and beak. Both sexes are similar in appearance. Unlike most finches, they will feed on Casuarina seeds. Red-browed Finches are common aviary birds and will sometimes hybridise with the star finch, crimson finch and zebra finch. Estrildid finches are usually sensitive to cold. However, this species has adapted to the cooler climates of southern Australia”.

Original artwork by Frances McMahon.

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