Where the Pixies Play (Lamington National Park) - SOLD


Where the Pixies Play (Lamington National Park) Original Oil on Canvas Board 41cm x 56cm – SOLD

Robyn’s inspiration for this painting “This painting is another in my series from the Lamington National Park close to O’Reilley’s guest house. The walk from the guest house into some of the forest areas where the Antarctic Beech live is a walk into another dimension. Often swirling with mist, it is inhabited by these very old trees – some several thousand years old – covered in moss and gnarled and twisted like aliens. At other times it appears like a fairy forest – hence the name – Where the Pixies Play. I love to paint moss so this area is heaven for me. The trees hold so much character they are a joy to paint. However, the paintings do take me a long time to create as the process for building up the moss is into layers is painstaking and time consuming”.

Original artwork by Robyn Collier.

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