Curious (Brushtail Possum and Red-eyed Tree Frog) - SOLD


Curious (Brushtail Possum and Red-eyed Tree Frog) Original Acrylic on Stretched Canvas 50cm x 40cm – SOLD

Natalie’s Inspiration: This painting has a real touch of nostalgia to me. My inspiration stemmed from growing up with brushtail possums, looking back I remember them being one of my first wildlife encounters as a child. I have a real soft spot for brushies and am fortunate to still have a couple living among us in the nestboxes we have put up in trees around our property.  I enjoy painting interaction between different wildlife species and adding the red-eyed tree frog to this painting also has a personal note to it. The reference photo I used was of my pet frog name ‘Blue’ which was given to me by a good friend many years ago. Originally he was a wild frog who was found injured and as a result he lost sight in one eye, this was the reason he was not released back into the wild. I hope you enjoy this painting and the story behind it!

Original artwork by Natalie Jane Parker.

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