Autumn Morning In Place De Trocadero, Paris - SOLD


Autumn Morning in Place de Trocadero 23cm x 31cm Original Oil on Primed Belgian Linen by

Ramon Ward-Thompson – SOLD

Place du Trocadero is located in the Chaillot Quarter on the Right Bank of the River Seine in Paris.  Situated behind the famous Trocadero Gardens and Palais de Chaillot this little square was created for the Universal Exhibition of 1878 and initially was known as the Place du Roi-de-Rome, in honour of Napoleon’s son.  At its centre is a semi-circle garden where the statue of Marshal Ferdinand Foch was placed in 1951 to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.

A scene of many colours on this misty Autumn morning where the bright red awning and colourful metro sign blend with the warm hues of the Autumn leaves to create a cheerful contrast against the silvery misty background where the Eiffel Tower can be seen in the Champs de Mars, rising into the grey Paris sky.  Just like the Champ-de-Mars, the Trocadero Gardens are open to the public. With a surface area of nearly 94,000 m2, the Trocadéro is also home to the Chaillot Palace which itself has several museums, gardens, a square, and an underground aquarium.

It goes without saying that lovely walks can be had on this side of Paris. One finds diverse garden sculptures dating from different periods whereas the Trocadéro Square, built in 1869, is a vestige of the Second Empire. In fact, the name Trocadéro comes from a battle led by Napoléon Bonaparte in Spain on August 31, 1823. At the centre of the square is a statue of Marshall Foch on horseback as well as a memorial to the French Army. Further down from the Chaillot Palace is the Trocadéro Fountain, made up of several small basins and a large one in the middle with 20 canons that spew out water at an impressive range of 7 meters.

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