Nikyla Amanda Smith

Botanical, Portraiture, Aviation Artist
‘Artist Quality’ Oil Paint on Pure Cotton Duck Canvas

Nikyla gets the greatest joy from painting Wildlife and especially Australian Flora and she has an incredible knack of painting waratahs to perfection. It is her signature painting. A close up of petals will depict a tiny spiders web glistening in the dewdrops hanging from a petal. You will always find a little lady beetle there too. The Waratah is the NSW state floral emblem, and Nikyla participated in a series of workshops at the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens, which taught her about the botanical structure of the Waratah to perfect her artworks. No air brushing is used in Nikyla’s paintings.

Born in Whyalla, South Australia in 1966, she grew up in the beautiful rugged Flinders Rangers. Art has been her life since she was a small child. A self taught artist, she paints in her studio from sketches and photographs. Nikyla turned professional artist in 2000, the same time she began exhibiting her work at Morpeth Gallery and currently lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.